My Thoughts On Billie Eilish

🎶 This girl is on fiiiiireeee! 🎶

But seriously, she is. Billie Eilish is mainstream music’s reigning queen right now, and honestly? I don’t see her getting demoted or leaving the royal family any time soon.

I personally am not a huge fan of her voice. It’s just the style, not necessarily having to do with her. It’s the reason I don’t generally listen to Melanie Martinez, and why every other Walker (Alan Walker fan) out there loves his song with Emilie Hollow; “Lily”, while I just stick to other tracks on Different World. That all being said, Billie is quite a different voice in the industry, and she has been welcomed with open arms. And just because I’m not a fan of her vocal style doesn’t mean I dislike her music. I like it. She’s the rebel, tongue-in-cheek fireball we didn’t know we needed. And more power to her!

Billie sang a cover of “Yesterday” by the Beatles for the memoriam at the Oscars the other night, and she absolutely killed it. It was beautiful, it fit the moment, and it did everyone justice. It made me really appreciate her even more, because I’m realizing that she can make literally anything “her own”, and she does it well. I’m still trying to get *ahem* certain covers by Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears cleansed from my mind. We will never have to do that with Billie.

All in all, Billie Eilish is awesome. If you haven’t listened to her stuff, I suggest you climb out from under your rock and give her a chance. Even if you aren’t a fan of her vocal style, her music is good. Very good, actually. And if you can’t be bothered picking a song by her, I would suggest the cover I mentioned above, and then, of course, “Bad Guy”. That song rocks.

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